Tickets Jubez

The tickets for our concert at the Jubez in Karlsruhe (September 26) just arrived!
You can purchase them directly from us for 5 EUR. The tickets are kind of our fee for the show, so we are happy about every single one who buys his ticket directly from us!
So just contact us in person, send us an e-mail to or order at our shop.
Hope to see you there!


Thanks Würzburg!

Thanks to the good people at Kellerperle and to the great guys of Port Noir, we had a great evening with a lot of fun! Cheers to everyone who came to Würzburg, hope to see you soon!

Radio Oriente

Karlsruhe! Thank you so much for this awesome evening! Thanks to the team at Radio Oriente and to Birds In Chaos! And thank you all for coming – it was nice to see so many familiar faces and we really enjoyed playing for you.
Maybe we see you on June 14th at the Schlachthof in Lahr.